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Lingerie Fighting Championships, or LFC, is a relatively new form of entertainment that has been gaining popularity in recent years. The LFC is a mixed martial arts (MMA) competition that is fought in lingerie, which makes it unique from other MMA competitions. In this guide, we will provide an overview of the LFC, including its history, rules, and controversies.


The Lingerie Fighting Championships was founded in 2013 by Shaun Donnelly, who was previously involved in the adult entertainment industry. The first LFC event took place in Las Vegas, Nevada, in February of that year, and it featured six female fighters competing in lingerie. Since then, the LFC has held several events each year in various locations throughout the United States and Canada.


The Lingerie Fighting Championships is an MMA competition that is fought in lingerie, but the rules are similar to other MMA competitions. The fighters are allowed to use a variety of strikes, including punches, kicks, knees, and elbows. They are also allowed to use grappling techniques, such as submissions and takedowns.

However, there are some specific rules that are unique to the LFC. For example, the fighters are not allowed to use headbutts, strikes to the back of the head or neck, or strikes to the groin area. Additionally, the fighters are required to wear lingerie throughout the competition, although they are allowed to wear gloves and shoes.


The Lingerie Fighting Championships has been the subject of several controversies since its inception. One of the main criticisms of the LFC is that it objectifies women by requiring them to fight in lingerie. Some critics argue that the LFC reinforces harmful gender stereotypes and promotes the sexualization of women.

In response to these criticisms, the LFC has emphasized that the fighters are athletes who are competing in a legitimate sport. The organization has also stated that the fighters are not required to participate in the event if they are uncomfortable with the lingerie requirement.

Another controversy surrounding the LFC is the safety of the fighters. Some critics have raised concerns about the potential for serious injuries during the competition, particularly since the fighters are not wearing full protective gear. However, the LFC has stated that the safety of the fighters is its top priority and that it follows all necessary safety protocols.

Finally, the LFC has faced criticism for its association with the adult entertainment industry. Some critics have argued that the LFC is simply a way to market and profit from the sexualization of women. However, the LFC has emphasized that it is a legitimate MMA competition and that it does not condone or participate in any illegal or exploitative activities.

Events and Fighters

The Lingerie Fighting Championships has held several events each year since its inception. These events typically feature several fights between female fighters who are competing in lingerie. The events are often held in venues that are similar to those used for other MMA competitions, such as sports arenas and convention centers.

The LFC has also featured several notable fighters over the years. Some of these fighters have been professional MMA fighters who have competed in other organizations, while others have been models or actresses who have taken up MMA as a hobby. The LFC has also held open tryouts for new fighters, which has helped to attract new talent to the organization.

One of the most notable fighters in the history of the LFC is Feather Hadden. Hadden is a professional MMA WMMA fighter who has competed in several other organizations, including the UFC. She has won multiple championships in the LFC, and she is known for her aggressive fighting style and her ability to take a punch.

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